About Us

Welcome to Southeastern Seaproducts , established in 1992. We process fresh and frozen Gulf and Atlantic oysters and Farm raised clams daily. The company has developed innovative science for fresh oysters and clams that extends the shelf life to 21 days.

Our frozen half shell oysters are the best in the Industry. Frozen live and shucked with machine a patented process, provides exceptional quality over had shucked. Our new vacuum skinned half shell trays “Patent Pending” provides user friendly thaw up to 3 days without compromising quality, texture or moisture loss. No other brand can top this.

The company has also developed a cryogenic freezing process for Live Hard clams. After frozen live they have a 1-year shelf life and steam open the same as a live clam would.

The Company has also developed a Map Modified Atmosphere Packaging  system “PATENT PENDING” for live clams that allows them to be shipped in colder distribution channels and longer distances without compromising shelf life, The process and packaging delivers consistent year around shelf life of 14 days plus, even in summer months. Regular mesh bags do not compare to this.

We offer a full line of Foodservice and Retail items for any application.

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