Stay Fresh Clams

Stay Fresh Cedar Key Farms clams

Stay Fresh Cedar Key Farms clams

Stay Fresh Farm Raised Clams is a one of a kind science and packaging system.  Harvested Fresh and purged for 12 hours with controlled chilled salt water. They are sand free then packaged  in a MAP Modified Atmosphere Package "PATENT PENDING" This tray  packaging keeps them dry, free from breakage and  allows the clams to ship in cold distribution channels while maintaining shelf life of 14 days.

They are packed in boxes of:


  • 200 count 4x 50 CT Trays 
  • 100 count. 2x50 CT Trays 


  • 400 count. 4x100 CT Trays 
  • 200 count. 2x100 CT Trays 

The boxes are easy stack with handles for easy handling.

 Stay Fresh Live Clams PDF

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